Friday, May 21, 2010

Rants: Costco and BC Pharmacare

So I was out earlier today to pick up my prescription from Costco only to find out that I'm no longer fully covered! I had to fork over $11.19 out of my own pocket.

This is bullcrap! For years I've been able to just walk in, drop the prescription off, come back in an hour (or the next day) and walk out with my pills. Now I have to PAY?

I called Pharmacare up later on, they informed me that the pill I was trying to get is only PARTIALLY COVERED now, however Costco should have informed me that they had two generic medications offered. Because they didn't, I wasn't able to get the hotdog I so desperately needed.

Crappy eh?



  1. I had this same problem too, except it was at Walgreens and there wasnt a hotdog involved. But, I guess there could have been if I had the extra cash on me at the time =p

  2. Does Walgreens serve hotdogs? Do they have an instore restaurant? If they did that would be the GREATEST PHARMACY IN HISTORY!

    Sorry, just got excited there for a second.