Thursday, May 27, 2010


So picture this. You're coming home from your evening out, and you turn the dining room light on, and you spot two giant rats sitting there, acting like they're supposed to be there, casually climbing the walls, lounging in the hammock, and generally looking quite proud of themselves.

That's right. We bought a couple of rats from an ad on Kijiji and it came with a HUGE cage, and tonnes of accessories. Way more than what a normal rat would need.

Of course, this GIANT cage wouldn't fit in the car, so we had the duty of dismantling the damn thing.

Meanwhile the rats are sitting in a cracker box in the front seat, poking their little noses out. Quite a sight.

Now I'm not sold on the idea about two rodents in this two bedroom place. It's small, and they're big.

BUT they're growing on me, so that's good I guess.

Names are Bella and Ro Laren (from Star Trek, but we just call her Ro)

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